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Available Clinic and Presentation Topics
These are a few of the "On Demand" presentations available for you.  All of them can be tailored to your desired outcomes and to the audience.  Click the hyperlinks to view a slidedeck for the presentation (these files will not include animation or sound).

Helpful tips for the music director who may be juggling multiple ensembles, demands of family, and administrative responsibilities but still wants to deliver a great musical experience for their ensembles.  Working together, we can customize this presentation for your group and select one or more of the dozen topic areas to explore in greater depth.  

What happens when you are ending your current career or transitioning to a new type of position?  A frank discussion of the financial, social, emotional, and psychological impacts of retiring or changing careers.  Tips on how to successfully navigate this change in life that we all must eventually experience.

How to Make Your Brass Band Better

As a former President of the North American Brass Band Association and frequent brass band conductor and adjudicator, I help you  apply some of the ideas in "A Guide for the Blue Collar Band Director" and customize them for the British-style brass band.

Individual Coaching

Personalized coaching in conducting, rehearsal techniques, score preparation, leadership, strategic planning, and management.  We design a program that meets your needs and meet regularly (usually monthly) by Skype or in person.

Tired of conducting workshops that aren't well-suited for the working school director who wants to be more effective in helping their students make music?  These clinics are tailored to the needs of the individual directors and the music they will most likely be conducting.

Addressing the areas of Culture, Self-Improvement, and Integrity, we explore some of the ways that many of us fail in new positions and how to turn that awareness into success.

How to Make Your Organization's Leaders Into "Virtuosos"

We take a live professional music ensemble and embed your organization's leaders inside the group.  They can observe and experience the horizontal, lateral, and ad hoc communication and cooperation that occurs.  We explore micro-managing, following instead of leading, the relationship of leaders and followers, and how leaders can energize an organization through a shared vision.  This is ideal for in-service training for corporations and similar non-music organizations.

Arts advocacy needs more than metrics and deliverables to be persuasive.  What's your story that highlights the magic in arts education?

What's Your Story?

Lays out how to be a successful mentor and tells how music educators can get an effective mentor.

Based on "How to Keep Your First Job" with a few added twists.

Some principles on band set-ups and sample diagrams.

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